Advantages Of Air Curtains
If dust, Conditioned air, Flying insects, inflow of customer and energy saving is your concern then you need and an Air curtain.
Environmental Sepration
Air Curtain forms an invisible barrier of High Velocity air which separates Indoor air from outdoor air.
Temperature Control
Air Curtains prevent Exchange of air and protect the indoor conditioned air by preventing outdoor air.
air curtain helps in saving energy also its maintenance cost is low and cost effective.
Insect Control
It also prevents unwanted flying insects like fly, mosquitoes and other unwanted insects which can harm your institution reputation.
Works in Extreme Conditions
It works in Extreme temperatures like in cold storage and in hot ovens. No matter where you want to install it works perfectly.
Quality Control
The protective barrier of air curtains prevent outdoor dust, chemicals and other air pollutants from your valuable products and machineries. 
Sleek Series Air Curtain
Avro sleek series air curtains are equipped with High power motor which consume low power and noise, Sleek and compact design gives flexibility to install on any door.
Size Available: 3 feet, 3.5 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet and 6 feet width.
Sleek Design Air Curtains are Also Available in Stainless steel 304, 204 and Aluminum body.